Ricard Vila (Igualada, 1974) is an industrial designer. He trained and subsequently taught at the Elisava School of Industrial Design and Engineering. He trained in several design studios, most recently that of LievoreAltherrMolina, before founding the Ricard Vila Studio in 2000. Ricard Vila taught the Elisava School’s Master’s degree course in Product Design and Development in Barcelona. He develops a range of products at his studio including furniture, products, interiors, and retail premises, for which he has received numerous awards, while developing new artistic disciplines that have led to a new stage in the evolution of his work.

In 2009, he and five friends founded Recstores SL, a retail events company, which creates unique pop-up stores for prestigious fashion brands.

Currently, Ricard Vila directs his studio and is also jointly responsible for the ephemeral spaces of Recstores SL.

Ricard Vila