In 2000, Ricard Vila established Ricard Vila Studio, a multidisciplinary industrial design studio and consultation service in Igualada (Barcelona). Over the years, new projects have been developed, and the studio has expanded to include artistic disciplines that have led to new directions and new clients.

The head office is located in a renovated 18th-century leather factory, where it shares space with studios offering other disciplines. The Ricard Vila Studio has a team of designers, architects and engineers who develop projects on different scales, both nationally and internationally, and who share a common passion for all aspects of design.


Industrial design

We design honest and optimally useful products. We are passionate about detail and materials. We create emotional, technical, indispensable products, products that are functional and creative, using tomorrow’s technologies today, yet maintaining a timeless feel.


Design strategy and consultation

We understand how industrial and artisanal manufacturing processes work, and we can advise and suggest ideas for improving product functionality and making them stand out, depending on the client’s needs. We provide creative support for our clients’ technical offices.


Art Direction

Images, music, smells… these all communicate ideas in a very immediate and profound way. Your brand and your products should be represented and publicised in the current market efficiently, honestly and effectively.

Architecture/Interior design


Retail design